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MLA's Pledge Support

triangle of hopeWe we delighted at the historic news that all the leaders of the political  parties have agreed to establish a new Assembly to administer the affairs of the country.

We have pledges of support from nearly all the MLA's to Save Buddy Bear Trust School for children with cerebral palsy until the Assembly can secure its long term future.

The parents and children hope that their new Buddies will act quickly to save the school which needs funds because the Boards have not been informing parents that it is an alternative to the existing schools.



supportCross Party Support to Save Buddy Bear School for children with Cerebral Palsy.








supportDavid Ford, leader of Alliance Party shares a joke with Brendan Mc Conville after signing the Pledge of Support photograph in Stormont.








support3Danny Kennedy with Daniel and Mrs Murphy.

Mr Kennedy is a life time supporter of Buddy Bear Trust. Mr Kennedy arranged for Dr Maria Hari, the Director of the Peto Institute to meet with fellow councillors on Newry and Mourne Disctrict Council when Buddy Bear first openned its school in Dungannon in 1993.



supportSir Reg Empey and his team pledge their support for children with Cerebral Palsy. Miss Ildiko Veres, Principal with Buddy Bear, the symbol of the campaign to support children with Cerebral Palsy.








Everyone supports Buddy Bear as Cerebral Palsy impacts on 1 out of 400 children.

Every child is entitled to be given every opportunity to achieve his/her potential.









Sean Neeson, Alliance Party Member reaffirmed his support for children with Cerebral Palsy.










supportConnor Murphy and his fellow members pledge their Cross Party support to ensure that children with Cerebral Palsy are given the opportunity to receive Conductive Education at the Buddy Bear Trust School in Dungannon.

Connor Murphy lives near Daniel who comes from Newry.




supportMembers of the Unionist Party pledge their support for Buddy Bear and Conductive Education.

"Daniel is a true champion. He has worked hard for over 15 years to overcome the challenges of cerebral palsy. Every day he had to battle cerebral palsy while at the same time learning to read and write like every other young person.

We must ensure that every child with special needs is given every chance to benefit from Education."



supportMinister Michelle Gildernew, MP with Daniel and Ildiko Veres, Principal Conductor at the Buddy Bear School. Minister Michelle Gildernew promised to visit the school to meet the children and their parents.

Cerebral Palsy can strike any family. It is vital that parents have options when making a choice about the best type of prevision for their child with special needs.

Daniel travelled from Newry to Dungannon every day from 1993 to receive Conductive Education.


supportJeffrey Donaldson and fellow MLA show their support for Buddy Bear. We all need a friend or a buddy especially at a time of crisis or difficulty.

Parents of children with cerebral palsy or other special need must be supported not only by the family circle but by the community.

We all must do our best to ensure that Conductive Education remains available for children with cerebral palsy.



supportKeiran Mc Carthy, Alliance Party Member pledges his support for Buddy Bear.

















supportDemi Lee's future depends on the MLAs securing the long term future of the Buddy Bear School.