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Buddy needs Pink

Buddy needs Pink

Your help could make a lifetime of difference to a child with cerebral palsy and a family.

It usually takes less than 2 minutes to read an article which is about the same time it takes for a baby to be starved of oxygen at birth and to be damaged in some way by cerebral palsy for life.

Buddy Bear Trust, a Northern Ireland Charity has been helping children for 22 years but it needs help now.

A professional film maker generously volunteered to make a promotional video which we hope to show to President Obama in the hope that some of the great Irish/American Foundations, Trust Funds and Charities will support our successful work with severely disabled children at our independent charity school.

We need you to help us contact Pink.

We wish to use Pink’s song “You’re Perfect as part of our sound track.  We think our children are perfect.

We wish to invite Pink to become a Buddy to our children and be our American contact should we be given the opportunity to meet President Obama.

Pink, like President Obama and many of our American friends has Irish roots.  We know that Pink will want to help make a lifetime of difference” to our children and to their families whose hopes for a bright and happy future for their children were dashed and they had to become full-time life carers.

We showed the draft video to over 1300 school children and they say that Buddy needs Pink to make our movie Perfect.

I wish to contact Pink to ask for her help. 

I understand that Pink lived in Doylestown and probably attended schools in the area so it is likely that a friend who is a reader of the Bucks County Herald will be able to tell Pink that we need her help as the video is almost ready.

Your help could make a lifetime of difference.

 Some of our young children are just learning how to take steps after years of hard dedicated work while others are trying to open their hands and use fingers that were clenched tight by cerebral palsy. Our blind children are in a race against time as they have to be taught how to use their hands to explore their dark world before their minds become trapped by their bodies.

I can only ask for help and offer an original oil painting of mine of Ireland to any reader who can put me in contact with Pink.

If your child had cerebral palsy who would you ask for help and what would you do?

In 1988 at the worst time in our sectarian troubles which almost destroyed our country we asked the Dungannon community to stand together in the form of a Triangle of Hope to show the special Conductors from the Peto Institute that we cared enough for our disabled to set aside our differences for one day at least.

Our Political and Church leaders including the late Holy Father John Paul 11 and President Gontz of Hungary signed our Triangle of Hope Photograph which has been signed by Prime Minister David Cameron.  We hope that President Obama will also sign it.      

Thankfully Americans in every generation have helped Ireland from the time of the terrible Irish potato famine which caused the great immigration of Ireland’s sons and daughters to the USA to find hope and a future. The tears of families sadly waving goodbye to their children on the hope ships to America changed Irish dancing- the dancers since then have danced with their hands by their sides.

Thanks to the intervention of the American Presidents from the first visit by the late John Kennedy, Bill Clinton, George Bush and President Obama we now have the Peace Process which is allowing our divided country to begin to rebuild and heal deep wounds.

Presidential special envoy Declan Kelly is assisting our political leaders to promote our country and to attract much needed inward investment and which will benefit both countries.

Thanks to stability the growing Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce has adopted Buddy Bear Trust as its charity for two years during which time we must secure its financial future during this terrible recession.

Thanks to Buddy Bear Trust I met First Lady Barbara Bush and Lady Diana in the Peto Institute in Budapest while we were all trying to secure help for our special children.  I also had the honour of meeting Ambassador Jean Kennedy Smith when she held a Garden Party for our children and their parents. You can only imagine how it felt to know that people cared.

Two minutes are almost up and a child will have been damaged for life and the dreams of a young couple will have been shattered by the reality of cerebral palsy.

Buddy needs Pink.  We hope you can help us.

Parents of children with cerebral palsy are welcome to contact us.

Clubs, Foundations, firms, schools, colleges, politicians, Senators and individuals are welcome to help us raise awareness to the President about our charity that is trying to thank him and his citizens for their intervention and help us make a lifetime of difference to a child and a family.

A few minutes of your time to help us raise awareness and Presidential support is all that is needed.

My late Mum told me as a child that when a person did a kindness or was helpful the angels planted beautiful flowers behind him/her and so it was important at times to look behind to see if we had left a stony path or an avenue of beautiful flowers.

The Americans certainly have helped plant a beautiful avenue via the Peace Process to a better future in Ireland.

You need to come visit us and see the benefits of your efforts.

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