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Daniel Murphy

daniel4.jpgDaniel's mother was advised not to expect much progress or development by her son. Daniel works for 4 days per week and studies at College for one day. Daniel is independent.

The Buddy Bear Trust is delighted that Daniel campaigns so hard to lobby the MLAs and the Press to save the School for other children.

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Terence Charles

terence1.jpgTerence Charles was one of the first group of young people from Ireland to go to the Peto Institute.

Terence and the Team opened the way for Conductive Education to come to Ireland.

Terence is a printer in the Print Factory in Enniskillen.

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Demi Lee

demi1.jpgDemi Lee loves to be at school. 

Demi Lee has met the Minister of Education and many MLAs in the hope of showing them the benefits of Conductive Education.

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zara1.jpgZara has made great progress during the last 18 months. 

Zara enjoys being taught how to sit up for now.

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talitha.jpgTalitha is just one of some 65 children born every year in Northern Ireland with cerebral palsy. Talitha wants to do everything, like all children.

Without conductive education, she would be forced to look on and be looked after for life. We need your help to make a lifetime of difference for Talitha and many other children like her.

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ellaA smile from Ella is a big reward for Mum and Ildiko. Ella's confidence grows with every task.

Success builds upon succes.

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