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Supporters - David Cameron MP

davidcameron1.jpgDavid Cameron, MP and leader of the Conservative Party took time out of his busy schedule during a visit to Ballymena on 23 June 2009 to sign the Triangle of Hope photograph. 

Mr Cameron, MP told an audience during a televised question and answer session that “Conductive Education had life changing consequences for some children and their families. Mr Cameron MP also said that parents of children with special needs should be listened to by officials as they knew more about their children than anyone one else.

We were delighted that David Cameron, MP knew about the benefits of conductive education which had been brought by the UK Government in 1989 to the UK when it invested £5 million into building the International Peto institute.

We hope the Mr Cameron MP will meet with parents and children when we raise the matter of conductive education with the Northern Ireland MPs and our representatives in the House of Lords. It is important that our special children are given parity of treatment with others in the UK and are given every opportunity to achieve their potential by conductive education or other methods.


We appreciate the help given to us by officials and organisers of the event in Ballymena and for making the arrangements for us to have some private time with Mr Cameron MP.

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